Hi. I’m Denise. I have always had a love for writing ever since I was really young. I had dreamed of becoming a poet because I am the most hopeless of romantics and I found peace in the words and emotions of others. Most of my best work stemmed from my darkest hours. I know…the irony. A lot of writers would agree that their strongest pieces were inspired by pain. So I guess that also applies to me. However, I never found the courage to share them with anyone besides a very select few. Maybe one day I will.

I started this blog because my passion for makeup equates the same to my love for words. The beauty industry can be very intimidating, especially when you are just starting out. You aren’t sure what products to buy, what works well with your skin type and tone, what trends to stay away from and which to give a chance to. So I decided to combine the two things that bring me the most happiness in hopes that something will inspire you. Whether it is to try a glitter eyeliner look, a pair of kick ass combat boots, a curly girl tip or just something from my personal journey. We all have a story to tell…and this is mine. ❤

Thanks for stopping by. Sending love to all of you. *hugs*



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