Dose of Colors: Hidden Treasure Palette & Brushes


Ooo Lala!!! If your makeup collection does not consist of something from the Dose of Colors line, I’m convinced that you have not lived. Okay, maybe I’m being a little bit dramatic …but since their inception 3 years ago there isn’t a single product that I have not loved. Anna, the founder of Dose of Colors, was a makeup artist turned business owner and she’s turned her love for the art of makeup into a thriving makeup company. As an artist, I appreciate the quality and dedication that she puts into the brand because every product is made with love and her customers in mind. Dose of Colors is mainly known for their liquid lipsticks, but they have recently expanded to pigments, brushes and their first makeup palette.

I spent a good 3 days staring at this beautiful palette because I didn’t want to ruin its lovely pressed shadows. It is the perfect hybrid of a neutral palette with a ton of BANG! It is a Glam Girl’s dream palette, but also allows you the versatility to tone it down with the mix of matte and shimmer shades. The DOC brushes were also added recently to the line and I was lucky enough to be able to test them out and give you guys a full review. So let’s take a closer look:


The Hidden Treasure Palette 


The palette consists of 10 shades: 5 metallic foil shades, 1 shimmery shade & 4 matte shades. The metallic shadows are definitely my favorite component of this product. The ultra reflective shadows provide you a look similar to using glitter, without the hassle of glitter and glitter glue. The matte shadows are highly pigmented without feeling chalky. Each shade swatches as rich as it appears in the pan. Overall, I am highly impressed with the palette and would suggest it regardless of skin tone. Only 2 of the lighter matte shades wouldn’t swatch well on deeper skinned clients, however all the other shades can be used across the board. This palette would also be ideal for bridal artists and everyday makeup users.

Texture: Smooth & Buttery, with minimal fallout

Price: $50.00 ($5.00 per shade)



*Swatches done with no primer, directly onto the skin*

Left to Right: Gemstone, Coin, Crown, Ruby, Diamond, Pearl, Map, Locket, Key, Onyx



There were also a full range of brushes released by Dose of Colors this past month. As you can guess, they are fabulous! The line isn’t extensive, however each brush released is practical & they are brushes you could utilize in your everyday routine. The Rose Gold & White handles give them a unique, but sleek appearance. The entire line is made of synthetic bristles. That means they are also cruelty free & 100% Vegan. Synthetic brushes are also easier to clean because they do not trap product within the brush hairs.

Face Brushes


Large Powder $30


Tampered Brush $24


Flat Contour $24


Angled Contour $24


Powder/Blush $26


Fan Brush $16


Setting Powder $22


Concealer Brush $16

Eye Brushes 


Blending Brush $18


Pencil Brush $16


Flat Definer Brush  $14


Winged Liner Brush $16


Fine Line Brush $14

My personal favorites are:

  1. Winged Liner brush- stiff & precise
  2. Pencil Brush-tiny & perfect for the tear duct
  3. Blending Brush-Soft & easily blends shadows
  4. Angled Contour-Disperses product perfectly, without a heavy application
  5. Powder Blush-A great all purpose brush
  6. Setting Powder-Apply Highlight & set under eye area

Link to Brushes:

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my post! Have you tried this line? If so, what are your favorite products? If not, did anything catch your eye?



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