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Colourpop is back at it again. This time it’s a collab with the beautiful Karrueche, model and former girlfriend of Chris Brown. She has made a name for herself in the industry and has teamed up with Colourpop to release the KaePop Collection. There has been quite a few collaborations circulating recently but this one is by far one of the most extensive. There are 3 liquid lipsticks, 3 lip liners, 4 eyeshadows and 3 cheek products. It is a predominately neutral collection geared toward products that favor consumers of medium to deeper skin tones. These products (especially the lippies) can be used across the skin tone spectrum, which I think is great!  As per usual you can find swatches and my full review below:

kaepop 2

Can we say Gorgeous? As a huge lippie fan, I was really excited when I saw these lipstick shades in the collection. There are an extension of their Ultra matte line and although the formula is pretty similar to the rest of the Colourpop liquid to matte lipsticks, I do find that they are slightly more matte; meaning that moisturizing  & exfoliating your lips prior to use is essential. If not, they will most likely be uncomfortable to wear. They are fully opaque, and the formula is a mix between liquid and cream. Not thick enough to be considered a cream, but not as thin as the Lime Crime Velvetines.

kaepop 7Left to Right: Kae, Rooch, Chi

Am I the only one that thinks the names are really cute and fitting for this collab? I didn’t think so.
“Kae” & “Chi” appear to have a slight shine to them, mainly due to the camera flash. But “Rooch” on the other hand is a completely flat shade. Regardless every color is just lovely.
Retail: $6.00 (Each)
kaepop 3
Matching lip liners were also released to match the three liquid lipstick shades. Liners are not needed to get a perfect pout, but some people prefer to use them. These are a great alternative to mac liners,because they are creamy, glide on very easy and are priced at $5.00 each. I generally don’t use matching liners for my looks, but I love to use them to create an ombre effect. I do however know many people that swear by liners and use them to perfect the lip line and to avoid feathering, especially with deeper shades.
kaepop 8
Left to Right:Kae, Rooch, Chi
kaepop 1
One of the most popular items in this collection, I’m sure is the 4 eyeshadow quad. These colors are definitely my favorite range of shades and I know all the neutral lovers in the world can appreciate these colors.
kaepop 6
On the website they were described as 3 matte shades and 1 pearlized shade.  Although I didn’t need any more matte shades, I was more than happy to make a little space for these beauties in my makeup room. Initially after taking these shots, I noticed that the “matte”shades had a hint of sparkle to them. Now don’t get me wrong, they are beautiful regardless of finish but these shadows should be categorized as “Satin” Shadows, because although they aren’t shimmery, they aren’t a flat finish either.
The formula is very smooth and mimics the original Colourpop shadows. Each was done without a primer, but it still gives of a rich pigmented swatch.
Retail: $20.00 for the set of 4
kaepop 9

Left to Right: Sunset Blvd, Wilshire, Crenshaw, Beverly

kaepop 4

And the final piece of this collection are the Super Shock Cheek products. There are all part of the same line, however one is a blush, the second is a highlighter and the last one is a bronzer. I love how rich and versatile this shades are and how many different skin tones can take advantage of them.Depending on your skin tone, would determine how little or how much you use. The formula is almost a solid cream. If that makes any sense at all. The product is clearly solid however when you touch it the smoothness and also wetness of this product is distinguishable. That allows the product to apply almost effortlessly. The first and last shade have a light shimmer to them which give the face more of a glowy look,  which is perfect if you want that all over luminous finish.

The highlighter (middle shade) is a gorgeous gold pearlized highlighter with rose gold and cooper undertones. The reflective particles blend perfectly in with the skin. It doesn’t give off that chunky unrealistic glow, that sometimes sits on the skin. This product is one of my favorites from this collection.

Retail: $8.00 each

kaepop 5Left to Right: Flush’d, Glo Up, Bronze Me

Entire Collection: http://bit.ly/20trbF7

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my post. Let me know what your favorites are and what you want to see next ❤





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  1. What other colors do you like for woc (women of color) from here line.? I love your videos and I am trying to learn as much as possible. 🙂


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