Tarte “The Lip Sculptor” Lipgloss & Lipstick Combo

tarte lippies 6

Hi Lovies! I am back with another review using these beauties by Tarte Cosmetics. Before we jump into this post, can we just take a moment to appreciate this background! I literally look at it and die. I have been saving this picture for a few weeks, but I was finally able to sit down, try this new line out and share this amazing product with you all. This is a throwback pic from Kauai, Hawaii. One of the most magical places on Earth and I was so grateful to be able to experience it with my Tarte Cosmetics family, who are some of the sweetest and most genuine people ever.

Tarte has been killing the game with fabulous product launches almost every month! I was so excited when I tested out this line, because I have itching to break out of me matte rut, and these have kickstarted my love for traditional lipsticks again.

There is 8 New Lipsticks that are being launched under the Double Duty Line. The component that makes this line unique is each is lipstick is paired with a corresponding lipgloss, which comes as a 2 in 1 product, for easier use and storage. Who doesn’t need more space for makeup? I know I definitely do. So finding something that has a lipstick and lipgloss combo in 1 product is genius. Let’s take a closer look.

tarte lippie 4

Left to Right:

tarte lippies 5

Here are my thoughts: 

Finish: Hydrating formula with a Satin Finish.

Texture: The texture is very creamy and opaque, that doesn’t require more than a swipe or two to fill in the entire lip. The lipgloss doesn’t have an overly sticky feeling, providing a nice sheer glossy look. The lipstick has a very light smell, similar to cake batter if I had to put a name to it. But nothing to harsh.

Drying Time: Since this product isn’t a matte product, it doesn’t completely set. It leaves your lips moisturized throughout the day. The deeper shades leave a hint of color behind after the product has faded. I reapplied every 3-4 hours for a more intense color.

Range: There is 8 shades in this collection, with tones ranging from a light pinkish nude to a deep berry shade. I appreciate this collection, due to there being very specific shades,  it makes it easier to choose which is right for you, rather than having 50 options to choose from since that can be slightly overwhelming. I do wish there was a true nude  in this collection, but hopefully that is a shade that will be added in the future.

Benefits: One of my favorite qualities about the Tarte Line, is everything is infused with a natural ingredient which yields benefits for the consumer. The Double Duty lipsticks are made with coconut oil which deliver ultra moisture. It is also infused with Maracuja and Vitamin C for brighter, smoother and more hydrated lips.

Price: They are priced at $24 each.


Let’s check out the swatches

tarte lippie 2Just the lipsticks: Left to Right

Sass, Rouge, Vip, Voltage, Harlequin, Basic, Renegade, Intoxicating
Tarte lippies 1

Lipsticks & Glosses: Left to Right

Sass, Rouge, Vip, Voltage, Harlequin, Basic, Renegade, Intoxicating
tarte lippies 3

Where to Buy: This is an Ulta exclusive product, but you can also pick it up on Tarte’s website.



Thank you so much for checking out my post. Make sure to let me know which are your favorite shades? Mine is VIP & Harlequin. This product is definitely a hit for me, and I hope you all love them as much as I do <3.

If there is anything you want me to review, just drop me a note. I have tons of new reviews coming soon, so be sure to subscribe and stay tuned.


Denise (IG: @MakeupbyDenise)


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