Venus: The Grunge Palette

IMG_1931_FotorHi Lovies. So Lime Crime has released one of my most anticipated palettes of the year. They posted a picture of this beauty a few weeks ago and I instantly fell in love. After a while, in the makeup industry it feels like you have essentially seen it all, and most companies either improve or piggyback off other great ideas. This Grunge palette is beautiful because it is totally outside of the box, in a good way. I think the company took a risk on it, but this sold out palette has been on the wish list of many. One of the reasons that I love Lime Crime is because everything about their brand screams originality and brilliance.


Okay, so let’s jump right into it. Once I removed the palette from the clear casing I was totally taken back by the time and artwork that went into creating such an aesthetically pleasing eyeshadow palette. The entire design was centralized around Venus, the Roman Goddess. She represented and embodied love, beauty, sex, fertility and prosperity. All of these things are what make us women or feel as such. I love how they incorporated a piece of history & Roman Mythology that I am genuinely intrigued by.


The inside of the palette was equally as beautiful and unique as the outside. This palette is filled with rich and warmer earth tones for all shades of beauty. I would use this on all of my clients which is definitely a plus. For myself, I actually prefer colors that are warmer or similar to these because they compliment my skin tone better than paler or cooler toned colors. Most of the palette is matte, which is my personal preference because I can always throw on a shimmer shade or glitter to make any color pop when you have a matte base. There are two shimmery shades in the palette which can be placed on the lid, tear duct or lashline.


Now to the swatches. After falling in love with the colors and casing, I was hoping that the colors were just as pigmented. Luckily, Lime Crime did not disappoint!! The colors are perfect. And identically resemble the colors in the pan. All of these swatches were done with NO primer which is amazing! Sometimes you can apply a product with a wet brush or bomb primer to intensify that color. But these were effortless and super pigmented. They were very smooth on the skin and easy to blend together. (Check out my instagram for looks with this palette. ). There is not much more that I can ask for in a palette. The colors are versatile, pigmented, blend easily and as a bonus the palette is super cute. This one is a winner in my book!!! 5 Stars across the board. Good job Lime Crime.


This is simply a picture of the new boxes that are sent with every order. They come as a normal white packaged box and once you assemble it inside out, you are left with the floral  goodie box to fill with anything that you desire. I think I’m going to add my favorite lashes to this one.


All colors from Venus: The Grunge Palette.

Thank you all for taking the time to read my post. If you have any questions or other palettes that you would like me to review. Leave them below.



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