Glitter: Violet Voss Swatches


When it comes to glitter, I will continue to stock up with the justification that they are all completely different. And in my eyes they are. Glitters can be cut different sizes and shapes, reflects different color components and simply photograph uniquely.

There is one particular Glitter Company that I constantly gravitate towards. Aside from the fact that their team is super sweet, their glitters are gorgeous. Violet Voss’ collection has a array of shades for any occasion. Even the glitters that are organized by a similar color range can vary with different undertones and reflective particles.

This grade of glitter is safe to apply to all areas of the body. You can apply it to your eyes, lips, body and nails. The main question that I am asked whenever I do a glitter look is how I keep the glitter in place. Some people like to use lash glue. However for me that doesn’t work. I find that it lifts around the edges and doesn’t look as smooth as I prefer. I like to use adhesive agents that are specially made for glitter.

My top 3 favorite glitter glues are: Lit Cosmetics Clearly Liquid Glitter Base, Violet Voss Secret Weapon Adhesive and Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue. Lit Cosmetics adhesive is a watery adhesive which becomes slightly sticky after a few seconds and dries very quickly. Violet Voss’ adhesive is a similar consistency to a lipgloss, has a nice hold and dries completely within a minute or so. Too Faced adhesive has a texture very close to a primer. It dries to a matte texture and has a decent hold for the glitter. I like all of these adhesives for different reasons but it comes down to a preference.

I have attached my personal Violet Voss Collection below: 


Left to Right:

Misty- Silver Glitter with Rainbow Sparkle

The Fair- Black Glitter with Rainbow Sparkle

Goldie- Gold with a little extra

Electric Peony- Coral with a hint of silver

Taylor- Greenish Glitter with gold and brown flecks

Teresa- True Turquoise

Wendy- Icy, Iridescent Sparkle

Geri- Pure Gold


Newer Additions- Left to Right:

Gwen- Green Glitter with gold flecks

Golden Fairy- Holographic Gold Glitter

Piper- Purple Glitter with pink undertones

Skye- Light Blue Glitter with iridescnet flecks

Felicity- Semi-Transparent green glitter


Which is your favorite?

Make sure to check out their site to view the entire collection

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3 thoughts on “Glitter: Violet Voss Swatches

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  2. Trying to expand my glitter collection and your post has been super helpful. I am swinging between ‘Geri’ and ‘Hella Amazing’ and hopefully get to a conclusion. Great post and happy I stumbled upon your blog. 🙂


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