Steady Glow Collection by Sigma


Sigma has released this BEAUTIFUL Steady Glow Collection for all of us glow goddesses that enjoy keeping that luminescent skin during the colder months. There is just something about shimmers that makes my skin smile especially when I can’t go outside and actually enjoy the weather.

I have swatched the entire collection for you lovies that want to see how they transfer onto the skin. One of the things that I love about this collection is that they have created the perfect array of glowing products for all areas of the face and body. Some women prefer to keep the highlight to the cheekbones, while others like their eyes to capture all of the attention. For myself, since I have oily to combination skin, I prefer my face to be primarily matte with the focus of shimmer on the tops of my cheeks and mainly on my eyes. You will catch me wearing glitter products often. I can’t seem to put them down. But, these products are different from traditional glitter in the sense that the pigments are a lot softer and don’t reflect as much as a thicker grade glitter. But there is no doubt that they are fabulous and can be worn at all times of the day or night.

The Steady Glow Collection consists of: The Brilliant and Spellbinding Palette, 3 Shimmer Creams, 5 Loose Shimmer Pigments, 5 lip glosses and 3 Inner Rim Brighteners.


I immediately fell in love with this palette. The packaging is sleek and compact, contains a nice sized mirror and has a magnetic hold to keep it shut. I love that it is portable enough to throw into my bag and take it with me wherever I go. As a makeup lover it is the small things that make a difference. I love how each shadow is imprinted with the “Sigma” logo. It does speak about the quality of the brand because they take the time to personalize each individual eyeshadow. It is a tiny but important touch. The textures of the shadows are extremely buttery and don’t have a chalky feel at all. They feel great on the skin and blend beautifully together. The pigmentation is rich and true to the pan. Which is probably the most important factor for me. Neutral palettes always catch my eye because they are essential. No matter what kind of look you are doing. Even if you are doing the most intense smokey eye, you need shadows that provide transition, that are able to soften any harshness  and work well with other shadows. IMG_8319_Fotor


Shimmer Creams: These are essentially highlighters in a cream form. They give you just the right amount of shimmer that you can add them anywhere on your body. Add it to your cupid’s bow, dab it onto your collar bone or on your shoulders for a night out. There are three shades in the collection (left to right) Superb, Sultry and Brilliant. Superb is a deeper pink with golden undertones. It has the perfect flush of color. Sultry has a true golden, bronzy color. It is perfect to add a hint of tint to your skin or for girls with olive or yellow undertones. Brilliant is a light pink shade with a mix of champagne and silver reflects. This would be a great choice for fair skinned ladies or if you have a cooler undertone. Personally, I would wear all of them depending on where I am going and what look I am going for.


Lip Vex:  These Ultra Pigmented lip glosses are long wearing and pigmented. They do have a thicker formulation without being too sticky. The shades range from “It’s Monday Morning” to “Hello, Nightclub. I have arrived”. These beauties are called: VIVID, STEADY GLOW, CHILL OUT, SKINNY DIP & DAZZLING.

Vivid is a red lipgloss with a coral undertone. Steady Glow is a softer orange gloss with tiny golden reflects. Chill out is a true bubblegum pink. Skinny Dip is a neutral peachy tone. Dazzling is a bronzed gloss with glitter particles.


Loose Shimmer: Out of everything in the new collection, these were my favorite. Pigments are so versatile and give me the freedom to mix them with other products. You can use these wet or dry to achieve different finishes. If you wanted to achieve a dewier look to your skin you can mix a tiny bit of these pigments with your foundation and you instantly have a glow. You can add pigments to your lip glosses or you can create eyeliners if you apply them wet. The options are endless.

Left to Right: AMBROSIA, GILDED, MIDSUMMER, RAVISHING, LUSH. Ambroisa is a light pink color with silver reflects. Gilded is a golden pigment with golden particles. Midsummer is a bronzed copper color. Ravishing is an ultra fine shimmer. It applies almost white, but when blended out it has the slightest hint of lilac and a gorgeous shimmer. I love to pop this color into my tear duct. Lush is beautiful and unique color. It’s similar to a burnt orange with pink undertones. At least that is how the color shows up in the case. However when you apply it, it translates to a deep pink with copper undertones. They are all lovely and I can’t wait to incorporate them into future looks.


Here is look created with Midsummer Pigment on my lid and Ravishing in my tear duct. I also used Polished Inner Rim Brightener. I didn’t swatch them because they are pretty true to the pencil color. However, there are 3 shades. “Unclouded” which is a true white. “Final Touch” which is closer to an off white with a hint of pink and Polished which is a flesh toned peachy shade. These are alternatives to applying black to your waterline. Black does tend to close the eye up and these open your eyes. They give you that fresh doe eyed look and I love to use them on brides who want a softer look or who naturally have smaller eyes. ❤

You can find these products at



Thanks for stopping by and I hope you found this article helpful. XoXo


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